Continental Feed Screw offers the following Services:


of Screws, Barrels, and other Components. CFS will thoroughly inspect all parts for Wear, Cracks, Imperfections, Straightness, and Concentricity. All conclusions are documented in detailed reports with the respective Recommendations.


of Screw Designs to improve Melting and/or Mixing. We will enhance your current Screw Design by adding complete or partial mixing sections depending on your processing application.

Repair Services

CFS will Repair Broken Screws, Broken Tie Bars, and other Components. Inspections need to be performed to determine the severity of the damage and if reparation is an option.

Rebuilding Services

to OEM specifications. CFS will Rebuild Screw Flights back to Standard Size or to match ID of Barrel. Injection Tips are also Rebuilt to like new condition.

Barrel Repair

Partial Resleeving is offered to correct Wear in the Stroke area of Injection Barrels. Honing is a great way to Refurbish Barrels by cleaning the ID to a uniform oversize.

Emergency Service

CFS offers an Emergency Turnaround Service to minimize Machine Downtime. Please contact us for details.

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