At AS&B, our processes have been refined over the years with goals of Precision, Accuracy to Specification, Quality and Premium Customer Service. We have learned that there is no substitute for Hard Work, Craftmanship, and Accountability. Our Team takes these principles and goals to create products and provide services that we are proud to put our name on.

CNC Turning:

All details that require precision turning are finished using one of our CNC Lathes. The tool paths are created using CNC programming which offers a high level of precision and accuracy. Typical details that are produced are Internal and External Threads (Single or Multi Entry, 60 Degree, Acme, Trapezoid, Square, Buttress, and API), Facing for Concentricity held to within .001 TIR, Screw Drive Details that require Critical Diameters and Lengths, Internal and External Tapers.

CNC Milling:

With the ongoing demand to produce specialized Screw Designs to keep up with the advancements in Engineered Polymers, our CNC Milling department has developed programming for our 4-axis machinery that will allow us to produce any Design with a high degree of accuracy along with holding tight tolerances.


The procedures and methods in our Welding Department have been developed and fine tuned to obtain the best quality results possible. The main process for Hardfacing is done by Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) which has an unmatched degree of material homogeneity and control of penetration. These factors create a Hardface weld deposit that holds true to the benefits of the selected Hardface Alloy. To ensure our consistency in quality, Screw materials are prepped, cleaned, preheated to specific material requirement, wrapped during hardface process to keep at temperature, post heated, and wrapped for slow cooling. Screws that require hardfacing, have full width protection on the Flight Land guaranteeing longest life possible. (* Colmonoy #83 is done with inlay manufacturing to avoid shock fractures during the manufacturing process. For Full Width C#83, a drawing will be required for review).

Repairs are performed using TIG and MIG processes. Depending on the repairs, the weld materials used are based on the type of repairs and the achievement desired. Some of the more common repairs: (Flight Root damages, Lead Edge Wear, Bearing Section Wear, Broken Screws in Shank Section or Flight Area, Flight Reconstruction due to Wear, Barrier Flight Reconstruction.


Developments in the Polishing department has made significant strides in the past 5 years. The focus is Quality, Accuracy and Brilliant Finishes. Personnel Training developing Master Craftsmen has been key to making the advances needed to keep up with the demand to polish everything from a metering design to the most intricate designs. A systematic approach and staying up to date with the latest advancements in Abrasive Technology has kept us at the front of the pack.

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