Welcome To American Screw & Barrel

A division of Continental Feed Screw

Precision Manufacturing and Rebuilding of Feed Screws for the Plastic and Rubber Industries

American Screw & Barrel, located in New England (Central Massachusetts), is a supplier of Feed Screws for the Plastic, Rubber, Food, and Metal Molding Industries. Founded in 1983, our team has over 40 years of experience in all areas of Feed Screws, from Designing and Manufacturing to Rebuilding and Modifications. Our mission is to provide solutions with high-quality Feed Screws that are held to the highest standards.



American Screw & Barrel specializes in Precision Manufacturing and Rebuilding of Feed Screws for the Plastic and Rubber Industries.

Feed Screws

• Injection, Extrusion, and Blow Molding
• New, Rebuild, Repair, and Modifications
• Capabilities up to 12” Diameter and max one-piece length of 315”
• Full line of Base Materials, Flight Hardsurfacing, Tool Steels, and Coatings


Feed Screws


In the Manufacture of Barrels, AS&B offers several Bimetallic Inlays for types of applications that require:
Wear Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Extreme Wear & Corrosion Resistance.


Injection Valves

• 3pc and 4pc Assemblies
• Ball Check and Poppet Styles
• Free Flow and Locking Design
• Standard Wear and High Wear


Injection Valve

Tie Bars

All of the Tie Bars made at our facility are manufactured from a High Grade Alloy steel material and machined with very high precision to ensure a long lasting product.

In the case of Broken Tie Bars, with year’s experience, we have become very successful in repairing broken Tie Bars in the case of emergency repairs.




of Screws, Barrels, and other Components.

Rebuilding Services

to OEM specifications.

Repair Services

We will Repair Broken Screws, Broken Tie Bars, and other Components.


of Screw Designs to improve Melting and/or Mixing.

Barrel Repair

Partial Resleeving is offered to correct Wear in the Stroke area of Injection Barrels.

Emergency Service

We offer an Emergency Turnaround Service to minimize Machine Downtime.

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