Feed Screws

CFS will Manufacture & Rebuild any Screw from 5/8“ diameter to 18“ diameter with a maximum length of 320“. We offer a full range of Base Materials for your specific processing applications depending on Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, and Material Strength. Coating can also be added for improved Corrosion and Wear Resistance. We also offer a full line of Flight hardsurfacing materials to improve Flight wear therefore increasing Screw life.

Base Materials: 4140HT, 4340HT, Nitralloy 135 (mod), Series 300 Stainless, Series 400 Stainless, pH Series
Stainless, D-2 Tool Steel, H-13 Tool Steel, CPM-9V, CPM-10V, CPM-440V, Hastelloy, Inconel, Duranickel, and Several others.
Hardsurfacing Materials: Colmonoy #56, Colmonoy #83, Coltung #1, Stellite #1, Stellite #6, Stellite #12, Tool Steels, and More.

Patented Screw Design
CFS offers several types of Screw Designs to increase productivity and quality of Plastics. Many polymers are difficult to Melt and Mix, in which standard Screw Designs cannot perform without an increase in shear and overheating. With these types of problems in mind, CFS has developed the patented INTERMIXERTM (U.S. Patent # 5,288,223). This Design imparts a very high degree of homogenization while at the same time avoiding the overheating and breakdown of materials associated with the shear developed by the ordinary Screw. Among the many superior product enhancements, plasticizing improvement of 30% is not uncommon thus reducing HP requirements by a healthy 15% and in some cases improvements in recovery time are a staggering 400%.


In the Manufacture of Barrels, CFS offers several Bimetallic Inlays for types of applications that require:

  • Wear Resistance

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Extreme Wear & Corrosion Resistance.

Tool Steels and Nitralloy 135 (mod) are other alternatives depending on your Processing Application.
For your current Barrel, Resleeving and Honing are offered for cost effective ways to improve productivity. Inspections need to be performed to determine if these are options that will improve your current application.

Injection Valves

CFS specializes in manufacturing Poppet-Body Design Non-Return Valves, plus we also offer Check Ring and Ball Check Designs. Please contact us for details.

Tie Bars

All of the Tie Bars made at our facility are manufactured from a High Grade Alloy steel material and machined with very high precision to ensure a long lasting product.

In the case of Broken Tie Bars, with year’s experience, we have become very successful in repairing broken Tie Bars in the case of emergency repairs.

Other Components

CFS Manufactures and Repairs Barrel End Caps (Rotary Heads), Nozzles, Quills, Injection Pistons, Injection Cylinders & More.

If you have a sketch, send it over via Fax or Email, and we’ll advise if we can Make it or Repair it!

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